Moleskine Cat Passion Journal

Keep track of your pet's health, needs and personality with the Moleskine Passion Dog Journal.

Themed sections include Breeds list, tail talk, checklists, skills, grooming and feeding schedules, health records, memorable moments and more.

Inside are 240 pages split into 10 tabbed sections to record and recall useful information about furry friends. The first 4 sections are themed: Getting Ready, Personality, Cat Log, and Care. These themed sections are pre-formatted to help quickly record and locate important information on topics, such as a particular veterinarian, grooming schedule, breeder, and lots more! The second 4 tabs have been left blank to customize.

Several adhesive labels: 80 to be used on the blank tabs, 150 with coloured icons and 12 to customise the cover.


- SIZE: 130mm x 210mm
- PAGES: 240
- STYLE: Themed Journal with dedicated sections and adhesive labels and tabs.
- COVER: Black Hard Cover. Fully Embossed.
- EXTRAS: Moleskine History Inside. Expandable Inner Pocket. Elastic Closure. 3 Bookmarks.

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