Stay Dry Collar - Blue

Dog's love the beach, but they don't like wearing soggy, stinky collars all day after leaping through the surf. Our Stay Dry collars are completely waterproof so there's nothing to get soggy, smelly and itchy. 

Our beaches are beautiful, but salt, sand and strong sunlight make short work of most materials. Our Stay Dry Collars are made from a special blend of polymers that are designed to withstand the rigours of the beach. And if they survive the beach, they'll survive anywhere!

They look great too which is important when you're on the beach. Chunky with really cool colours and sharp 3D logo's. 

Available in 5 sizes. (Please size your dog carefully).  Black collar not available in XS. Try pink of blue!

  • XS - Fits necks from 22cm - 27cm.  Width 1.5cm
  • S - Fits neck size 24cm - 34cm. Width 2cm.
  • M - Fits neck size 35cm - 42 cm. Width 2.5cm
  • L - Fits neck size 43cm - 52 cm. Width 2.5cm
  • LW - Wide band. Fits neck size 43cm - 52cm. Width. 3cm.

All collars came with a complementary Surf Dog Id Tag!!!!

Note: If you see a size or colour that is out of stock click here and send us a message we can arrange for the product to be deliver to you in 5 days.


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