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At PAWS & CO. we strive to provide accurate sizing information for all our products. Due to differences in manufacturer's sizing and product specifications, we recommend measure your dog or cat to ensure an accurate fit. Please follow the sizing chart listed on every product page. Please note that it is not recommended to determine size based on your pet's breed, weight or previous purchases you may have made.



As a general rule of thumb for selecting dog clothing sizes, the most important measurement is the length. Just keep in mind that when selecting a dress, sweater, coat, etc. this length is usually designed to be close to the base of your pet's tail. Shirts, tanks, tees, etc. are usually designed to be 2-4" / 5-10cm above the tail, but please refer to any additional information that is contained in the product description to help you determine the best size for your pet. If length and weight measurements are only given, please take into account the length measurement first. If your pet's measurements fall in between two sizes, we suggest ordering the next larger size. In most descriptions, these lengths represent the size of the dog and do not reflect the actual length of the garment.


For a proper fit, measure your dog's neck with a fabric or cloth measuring tape. You'll take a measurement a few inches/cm down from his head and then add 1 inch/2.5cm for very small dogs or 2 inches/5 cm for medium and large dogs. Pull the tape snug but not tight. (If you do not have a tape measure, you can use a piece of string and then measure the string with a rigid ruler.) Allow sufficient room for two fingers to be placed flat against his neck and under the tape measure. Or you can measure his neck and add 2 inches/5 cm. When the collar is on his neck it should allow you to slide two fingers under a properly fitting collar and your dog's neck. If there's extra room, you need a smaller size. If both fingers don't fit, the collar is too small.


Start off by measuring around the dog's back, or his girth. To do this you will start behind his front legs, then up and over his back, and back down under his belly until you are back where you started. You now have his girth measurement. This is the most important measurement in sizing for a harness. Next, measure the dog's neck. This particular measurement may not matter with certain kinds of harnesses, but it is good to have it on hand just in case. Once the harness is fastened, make sure you can fit two fingers comfortable under the harness at both the neck and the chest.


Measure around the neck as you would for a collar. Allow some room for a comfortable fit.

Chest / girth
Measure the chest at its widest point, all the way around, which is typically right behind the front legs. If the dog has a large girth, going up a size is recommended.

Back / length

Measure along the dog's backbone from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. This is where the collar rests to where the tail meets the back/rear-end.


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