My cats love the Catty Stack.  I have two separate parts that I made with the 5 that I bought.  My kitten has the best time playing with ribbons in the Catty Stack and both cats love playing hide and seek. - Laura - Melbourne, VIC

Hi, I just wanted to say how impressed I was at your sales and service - my modkat litter box arrived today safely and the cats are already using it (and i love it) - I am very happy with the whole experience and will be recommending you to all my friends.
Thank you, Patricia M - Lane Cove, NSW

We just got ours in white! Looks SO much nicer than a regular litter box.
Our cat, Lily, was a bit unsure at first as she'd been using her original litter box for almost a year, but soon enough I could hear the all too familiar sound of her digging around in the litter. Success!! :D
Really appreciate how you offer free delivery! It's why we chose you over some other e-tailers. Plus you're in Melbourne!

Katie S - South Yarra - Victoria - April 2012

Thank you for the follow up. The Cat Condo was delivered as promised by your driver (who called the afternoon before) on Tuesday this week. He was professional & helpful. It’s all assembled and we’re very impressed with the quality.

Thanks very much, Matthew P - NSW - March 2012

Love the Modkat!! It's wonderful never to have to clean up cat litter scattered across the floor. I really appreciate your customer service too, really lovely, Thank You. Michelle - ACT - June 2012

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