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Dental home care


As well as you take care for your teeth to be clean and healthy, pets need that too.

There are several ways to care for your pet's dental health at home. Neither of them replace a dental check-up or professional scale and polish done by your veterinarian, but they can be an effective and safe way to prevent periodontal disease (inflammation of the tissue supporting the teeth) or at least help to slow down the progression and severity of dental conditions.

Try getting your pet used to be touched around his mouth first, gently lifting up the lips, rubbing his gums with your fingertips only at first. Do that for a few days, until your pet feels more confident with this. Remember to use rewards as a way to reinforced wanted behaviour.

After a couple of weeks, you can gradually introduce a pet toothbrush, human brushes are tougher and not the ideal shape for their mouth. Use the brush gently without any toothpaste, as they need to get use to the content in the mouth before accepting the toothpaste flavour.

DO NOT use human toothpaste, as they contain foaming agents that are not supposed to be swallowed.

There are several toothpastes designed for animals, with different flavours adapted to our four legged companion's taste.

It has been proved that brushing 3 times per week helps to maintain oral health, unless there is gingivitis.

Special dental treats and chews can be useful too, so you can always alternate between them and the brushing.

Lastly, there is a special kind of food with big kibbles that force the dog to chew and has also a considerably amount of fibre that scrubs the teeth as the dog chews on it.

A combination of all the above methods plus a regular vet check will help your pet to maintain his oral health for longer.

Always consult your friendly Vet for more information and advice. If you have any questions, you would like to ask our Paws & Co.’s Vet, please send it to –


Silvana Conillo BVSc


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