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Caring Paws - My first aid Kit


Been ready is the key! We know that our furkids are exposed to any kind of accidents consequently having a comprehensive first aid kit is a must. Below a list of the must have items to take care of your best friend, and your family too :).

  •  A muzzle - or materials to make a muzzle
  •  Antiseptic wash or wipes - look for non-stinging preparations such as Betadine.
  • Betadine or similar antiseptic solution
  •  A blanket –to keep warm/cool.
  • Ice and hot packs - cool down skin after a burn or keep an animal warm if hypothermia occurs. Always use a cloth between the pack and skin
  • Latex or plastic gloves
  • Medical tape
  • Non-stick dressings for bandaging a wound.
  • Pair of scissors
  • Roll gauze
  • Saline solution
  • Small towel
  • Square gauze
  • Syringe or large eye dropper - to flush wounds or administer fluids by mouth.
  • Toenail trimmer 
  • Tubular bandages (Vet wrap or similar). It clings to itself and is semi-watertight
  • Tweezers
  • A list of phone numbers - your regular vet, the emergency vet, council (program these numbers in your mobile phone)
  • A box - ideally plastic or metal - to hold all of your supplies, easy to carry and pack with you will complete your kit. 

Remember to customize the Kit for Your Pet. Different species, age groups, and pet lifestyles have different first aid kit needs.  Talk to your vet to customize a first aid kit to meet your pet's additional medical needs.

Happy First Aid Kid building!!

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