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Caring Paws - Seasonal Allergies

It is a fairly common problem in pets. As lots of people suffer from hay fever, dogs and cats develop allergies too, trough airborne allergens but instead of sneezing and sniffling, they itch.

The itching usually begins at an early stage of their lives, and it often worsens around springtime.

Typical areas of irritation are the face, around the eyes and the mouth, ears, armpits, feet and belly. Your vet will diagnose this condition, known as atopy, based on clinical signs, response to treatment, and sometimes skin tests.

What can you do to help your pet?

  • Bathing your pet often is a way to reduce allergen contact. Use only soothing shampoo unless your vet indicates otherwise. Do not bath your dog too often as you risk removing the natural skin barrier.
  •  Vacuum carpets and wash beds often to reduce dust mite load.
  •  Ventilate the house to renovate the air
  •  Keep your cat or dog away while mowing
  • Do not keep lots of plants inside the house
  • Reduce stress by exercising your pet regularly


Always consult your friendly Vet for more information and advice. If you have any questions you would like to ask our Paws & Co.’s Vet please send it to –

Silvana Conillo BVSc

Owner of SC Veterinary Ultrasounds





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