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Amber, this is my amazing story

This is the story of my beautiful dog Amber. It is a tale of inspiration to me which I would love to share. I remember the day I had the pleasure of bringing Amber home. She was so tiny but also very cute and extremely cuddly. Little Amber was my first dog and it was the best day when she came into our home. I remember those early days almost 13 years ago now. Like all my children she was spoilt from day one and was a part of the family and a part of our life that we could not do without.

Amber Misty Blue Cleversley is a Pug dog which I must say is a most wonderful breed. Amber is gentle and understands your every emotion as she looks up at you with large adoring eyes. Our life was pretty normal as dog owners and I could never quite understand how people could not love their pets unconditionally, as I do Amber. She was always a very healthy dog except for some minor issues early in her life. She had no injuries and was a very strong, quite large pug. There was a special day like many when we walked the beach, but I noticed a slight line in the sand from her right paw. It was quite intermittent at the time and after a vet visit and several x-ray’s it was concluded the problem lied with arthritis of the hips.

I could live with that. In the back of my mind though, I knew this diagnosis did not seem to add up, why would she be displaying these signs? A referral was requested to an Orthopaedic and Neurology surgeon, who was the best in his field. Amber spent two days there enduring CT Scans, myelograms, blood tests and urinary catheters, the conclusion being she had spinal compression, a problem often seen in dogs with curly tails. Of course we thought surgery would be an option but we were told it would not be advisable. The thousands we spent on Amber gave us a conclusion but also we walked away feeling sick and disheartened for her. Advice given to us was, “well you won’t be able to handle her so it would be best to do the right thing.” What did that mean I thought, the right thing!? Obviously this Vet did not know us too well. Amber grabbed onto me with open arms as we made our way back to the safety of the car. Having her back in our home was the only option for us. Despite the fact she came home with the worst urinary tract infection which kept her and I from any sleep until the antibiotics kicked in was a minor inconvenience.

Amber continued to deteriorate. I had always heard of canines in wheels so after much investigation my wonderful husband manufactured a cart for her. The idea of this devise was also shunned by the experts assured that she could not use it, as she was apparently too old. Well Amber showed them. The first time it was put on was wonderful, she took off with the biggest smile on her face down the footpath. This was a day I will never forget. By now we have to express Amber’s bladder as she had unfortunately lost this ability, bowel tone had also ceased. Even though I do express three to four times a day it is a very small period out of my day once you get the hang of it.

It has been 2 and a half years since Amber was first diagnosed. She is now getting recurrent urinary tract infections thought to be a stone. Once again we are off to the vet for a series of x-rays, hoping for a bladder stone and a simple non complicated or worrying outcome. Sad at it is a large mass was found on Ambers left side which was quite unexpected by the Vet and us. A biopsy was taken and came back inconclusive and surgery would be very invasive and shorten her life quite suddenly. It is so sad that this beautiful creature has to endure so much and then be stricken with this. Well we don’t give up though; she is comfortable and still full of life. Without speaking the words, we know that a mass is the one thing that nobody wants to discuss.

Each day is very special and we are so blessed to have had her for this long. Look after your pets, they are so precious. We don’t go away very often and if we do I take separate holidays from my husband, so someone is around to express her bladder and tend to her needs. It is just something you do and certainly does not make you special. Amber is still battling with bladder infections but she is spoilt and enjoys the company of Cedric the pug who loves her dearly. Thanks for sharing my story. I could write about her all day. Love your animals as long as you can. Take each day as it comes and treasure them dearly.  Involve your children as they will grow up caring people.

Thanks Ros and Amber


Family Photo: from left to right. 

Top: Alexandra, Ros, Russell / Bottom: Amber & Cedric

Note: there is one member family absent in this wonderful photo: Genevieve

If you have another amazing story that you would like to share or do you want more information about Amber and her condition please contact Nat to


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