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Caring Paws -Insect Bites

Have you ever being out with your dog to the bush or a park (even playing outside in the garden), and a few minutes later they come looking at you with a puffed up face?

Insect bites can trigger an allergic reaction in many sensitive dogs that occurs quickly and can be on the form of hives, urticaria, or sometimes a more severe condition called anaphylaxis.

If your cat or dog is showing swelling of the eyelids, lips or face of sudden onset he may be a victim of one of this reactions. You need to see a vet immediately as the condition could potentially worsen and compromise your pet’s airways.

As a first step you can apply some ice to the affected areas in order to provide relief and, in the case of bee sting to reduce the swelling. This will also allow you or your vet to retrieve the sting more easily.

Some dogs may show the symptoms more than once. You need to remember that every episode needs to be assessed carefully, as more severe life-threatening condition may occur.

Remember to always keep your pet protected for fleas and tick bites.

Always consult your friendly Vet for more information and advice. If you have any question please send it to


Silvana Conillo BVSc

Owner of SC Veterinary Ultrasounds




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